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Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Openkore 2.0.7 Sudah di Release

. Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Hai semua nya, sudah hampir 1 tahun sejak versi terakhir Openkore di release yaitu 2.0.6 dan sekarang akhir nya Openkore 2.0.7 telah di release..

Fixed: Pets are no longer being seen as monsters, support for extended pet packet(Technology)
Feature: Mercenary&Homun controlling (EternalHarvest)
Feature: Mercenary&Homun handling (EternalHarvest)
Fixed: Monster-based mercenaries detection (EternalHarvest)
Fixed: status timer support (Technology)
Fixed: XKore 2 on 8_5 (Technology)
Feature: Hotkey support for XKore 2 (Technology)
Feature: Ingame auction support (Technology)
Feature: Ingame mail support (Technology)
Fixed: itemID === userID in packet_useitem hook (kLabMouse)
Fixed: Kore can't connect to euRO (bibian)
Fixed: 3rd class jobs recognition (Technology)
Translations: (h4rry84 + Littlewens)
Feature: SVN AutoUpdater tool (kLabMouse)
Fixed: Posseidon HackShit support (kLabMouse)
Fixed: stuck when itemTake/Gather (EternalHarvest )
Fixed: in_game hook (ezza)
Fixed: alchemist and blacksmith ranking points (h4rry84)
Fixed: Hairstyle and haircolor were messed up in character creation (EternalHarvest )
Fixed: skill usage for serverType 8 using xkore 2 (Technology)
Fixed: walking speed not being sent to the client on xkore 2 (bibian)
Fixed: send weapon/shield apearance to client on xkore 2 (bibian)
Fixed: Let xkore2 handle Sync'ing for serverType 8, 8_1, 8_2, 8_3, 8_4 instead of the RO client. (Technology)
Fixed: fix Homunculus sub processFeeding. (lastclick + thx to: Aib0)
Fixed: sendHomunculusMove causing disconnection on serverType 8 family servers (Technology)
Feature: Added loadPlugins 3 for skipping plugins. (sli)
Fixed: fix Monster Killed Count if count > 9999 (lastclick)
Fixed: kore trying to equip an already equipped item (Technology)
Fixed: lockMap_randY, lockMap_randX (Technology)
Fixed: fix buyauto standpoint & distance (lastclick)
Fixed: fix for: upper, lower, mid headgear from other players not showing up correctly. (Technology)
Fixed: Blacksmith repair skill causes disconnect (Technology)
Feature: new config variable repairAuto_list (Technology)
Fixed: 0072 can also mean 006B (isieo)
Fixed: fix bugs range attack. (lastclick + thx to: Rumata)
Fixed: minStorageZeny (lastclick)
Fixed: Optimisation autoBuy (lastclick)
Fixed: notPartyOnly not working properly in partySkill block (heero74 + thx to: )
Fixed: Added ServerType 21 support for Demise of Morroc update (code by UltimaWeapon and small fixes by heero)
Fixed: added a missing packet prefix affecting party invite (heero74)
Fixed: couldn't execute console command started with ; from client with serverType 21 (UltimaWeapon)
Fixed: Teleport skill level fix for players with teleport level 2. (freegoods)
Fixed: config option: storageAuto_useChatCommand (Technology)
Fixed: loop if Butterfly Wing is not present (lastclick + tnx to: [GM]#05)
Fixed: sub parseList was not removing the endline's,causing skillsencore.txt not to get parsed correctly. (Technology)
Fixed: GCC compiling (thanks to technology)
Fixed: Fixed the full storage bug. Now uses the detected storage size. (sli)
Fixed: ServerType 21 in xKore 2 mode (kLabMouse)
Fixed: ServerType 8_5 to be compatible with eA's pv 23. (bibian)
Fixed: added ServerType 22 for idRO's Fix System Chat and for since idRO can't use anymore ServerType 21 because it's counterfeit with tRO update. (h4rry84)

Special Thanks go to:
Technology -- Testing, Various server Support, Fixing Issues, "mail" and "auctions" systems support.
EternalHarvest -- Testing, rRO Support, Fixing Issues, "homunculus" and "mercenary" systems control and support.
h4rry84 -- Translations, Various server Support, Fixing Issues
Click -- Various server Support, Fixing Issues, small new features
heero -- Various server Support, Fixing Issues, small new features
sli -- Various server Support, Fixing Issues, small new features
isieo -- Various server Support, Fixing Issues
bibian -- Various server Support, Fixing Issues
cazanova000 -- Testing new Features
GENUINE -- Testing new Features

Download Links :
OpenKore 2.0.7 Win32 Wx
OpenKore 2.0.7 (Source
ConfPack 2.0.7
TablePack 2.0.7
FieldPack 2.0.7
Release Notes

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